About Me

Me with my sister

I grew up in Los Angeles, where I attended a hippie high school called Oakwood. It was full of lovely teachers, who I spent most of my time terrorizing and taking for granted. One of them introduced me to philosophy. While I wasn’t paying attention, he and several others managed to do what great teachers do. I am very grateful for that.

I did my undergraduate work at UC San Diego, majoring in philosophy with a minor in cognitive neuroscience. I was lucky to stumble into such a vibrant department, full of professors and graduate students who allowed me to camp out in their offices for unreasonable amounts of time. They were also admirably welcoming of an uppity undergraduate in their reading groups and graduate seminars. San Diego is also where I started playing ultimate frisbee, something that now occupies altogether too much of my time.

After graduating, I lived in Los Angeles for a year before coming to U of T. I worked as a therapeutic companion for a four year old named Brayden and ran an after-school homework center at Oakwood.

I love California, and take special care to appreciate the ocean, mountains, Mexican food, and beer when I visit. People tend to agree that I seem very much like I am from California.

Aside from philosophy, my hobbies include ultimate frisbee, novels, movies, and the internet. Some of my favorite writers are Don DeLillo, Zadie Smith, Ben Lerner and Miranda July. Some of my favorite directors are Richard Linklater, Alfonso Cuarón, Denis Villineuve and Yorgos Lanthimos.