Occasionally, I produce things other than scholarship that I want to share. I'll post those things here.

The Sooty Empiric Guest Blog: Philosophy, Twitter and Hierarchy

Liam Kofi Bright invited me to write a guest post for his blog. I try to clarify how I think about status hierarchies in the discipline and on Philosophy Twitter.

WiPhi Social Cognition Series

Jennifer Nagel, Liang Zhou Koh and I produced a Wireless Philosophy series on social cognition. The videos introduce important topics in social cognition to a general audience.

Series Playlist

Free and Easy Conversing: Zhuangzi and Skepticism

We animated a dialogue about how to interpret Zhaungzi's happiness of fish passage written by Aaron Novick and Liam Kofi Bright. I hope that others, like me, will find it to be a useful teaching resource.

Youtube Link

Latex for People Who Don't Care About Typesetting

I'm a fan of writing papers in latex. I think there's a common misconception, though, that latex is for people who love typesetting. (This is because the people who talk about latex love typesetting.) I think latex is especially useful for those of us who don't care at all about typesetting, so I wrote a guide with us in mind. It's designed to be as spare and basic as can be. I hope it will be useful for people who want to gain basic competence in latex as painlessly as possible. It can be found here.

The Philosophy of Reading Faces

I wrote a blog post about my research I wrote for the Jackman Humanities Institute blog. It presents the central line of thought of my paper 'Other Minds Are Neither Seen Nor Inferred' in a way that is more accessible to a general audience. Here is a PDF.

Benchmarking is a Waste of Time

Here is a blog post I wrote arguing that we shouldn't try to ensure that different TAs for the same class grade assignments the same as one another.

Watching a Marking–Throwing Drill

Here is a blog post I wrote about 'breaking the mark'. It's an ultimate frisbee thing, but I know of at least one non-frisbee player who found it interesting.