Occasionally, I produce things other than scholarship that I want to share. I'll post those things here.

Latex for People Who Don't Care About Typesetting

I'm a fan of writing papers in latex. I think there's a common misconception, though, that latex is for people who love typesetting. (This is because the people who talk about latex love typesetting.) I think latex is especially useful for those of us who don't care at all about typesetting, so I wrote a guide with us in mind. It's designed to be as spare and basic as can be. I hope it will be useful for people who want to gain basic competence in latex as painlessly as possible. It can be found here.

The Philosophy of Reading Faces

Here is a blog post about my research I wrote for the Jackman Humanities Institute blog. For a version formatted more to my taste, here is a PDF.

Benchmarking is a Waste of Time

Here is a blog post I wrote arguing that we shouldn't try to ensure that different TAs for the same class grade assignments the same as one another.

Watching a Marking–Throwing Drill

Here is a blog post I wrote about 'breaking the mark'. It's an ultimate frisbee thing, but I know of at least one non-frisbee player who found it interesting.